Shane Greenville, The Story of My Life & How I Got Here - Summed Up!

Born in Houston, TX and with strong East Texas roots, it is easily identifiable in my accent. Although I lived in Houston until I was 14 years-old, I was actually raised in deep South Texas Due to the incredible passion my father had for hunting, he actually started a real estate company and bought some land and a house in Freer, TX and began selling ranches in the early to mid 1980ís. I moved down to our small place and began school as a Freer Buckaroo my sophomore year in High School and really, never looked back. It seems Iím always busy as a rancher myself - if Iím not feeding animals, Iím fixing something. I did go to college for a little while after graduation and actually begin writing songs back then. The first song I ever wrote is now the first on my first album. High Rolliní Hero actually sums up the way I saw things at that time in my life. Not so much about me only, but really about all the fellas around me. Back then it was George Strait music, starched everything, chasiní girls and rodeos. If you were of male gender and from the country or not, you probably fit the script somehow. I had to pull over to the shoulder of Highway 16 by Tilden, TX (1991) to put my thoughts on paper although I didnít start playing guitar until I was 23 years old, I still wrote songs. It was really a genuine passion for me. Through the years, I have written many, many songs and was long past due for recording. To some it will seem as if Iíve been hiding under a rock all these years. To others who have hung out with me around a hunting camp, ranch or Texas Deer Association Convention, you might say ďitís about time!Ē I know my wife and two sons think so. I hope everyone enjoys the music as much as I did making it. It was truly a pleasure and honor to get to work with the fellow musicians on this record. I mean some real Honky Tonk Heroes! The Credits on the album really donít say enough about he people, their talent or their passion.
I tried to put a little bit of everything into really a small amount of songs. I wanted folks to see the diversity in my writing skills. It really is about mood and feelings. When you hear the ďPik-NikĒ song, you will be able to tell that I was high strung, but I wrote it in ten minutes at the breakfast table. I had way too much coffee and syrup on my waffles.

I am really looking forward to everyoneís feed back, good or bad! Donít hesitate to tell me yourself whether itís at church or at one of our many hunting conventions throughout the state or wherever.
God bless, happy hunting, pray for rain and crank it up!!!

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