Your One and Only One

1. When Houston Meets Austin 3:39

2. Your One and Only One 2:59

3. Some Good Love Comes 4:01

4. You Ain't Gonna Tread on Me 3:18

5. Catching Flight 103 3:05

6. A Change 3:49

(All songs written by Shane Greenville)


CD Credits:

Musicians: Tom Batts - bass John Carroll - electric guitar Tommy Detamore - steel guitar, acoustic guitar, gut-string guitar, baritone guitar, background vocals Bobby Flores - fiddle John Owens - drums Ronnie Huckaby - piano, keyboards Lyndon Hughes - background vocals


Produced by: Tommy Detamore & Shane Greenville Recorded at: Cherry Ridge Studio, Floresville, Texas Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Tommy Detamore Album Design: Freddy Martinez |



I Wrote A Song

1. High Rollin' Hero
2. All I'd Ever Wanted
3. Back Up This Hill
4. Go Back To Reno
5. Pik Nik
6. I wrote A Good Song
7. She Loved Him Too
8. He Wonders

CD Credits:
Ronnie Huckaby- piano
John "Buttermilk" Carroll- electric guitar
Tom Batts- bass guitar
John Owens- drums
Bobby Flores- fiddle (Bobby Flores appears courtesy of Yellow Rose Records)
Tommy Detamore- steel guitar, dobro, mandolin, acoustic guitar, baritone electric guitar, 12-string electric guitar, banjo, organ, background vocals
Shane Greenville- lead vocals, background vocals
Amber Digby- background vocals
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Tommy Detamore at Cherry Ridge Studio, Floresville, Texas
Produced by Tommy Detamore


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