A Life of Love and Happiness

      Ronny and I started dating in High School and dated for the next seven years.  After graduation he served active duty for two years in the U.S. Navy.  When he came home, we got married on July 13,1963 after my graduation from UT.  He was manager of Dale’s Auto Parts.  We started our family in 1965 with our daughter Tami and in 1968 our other daughter Lissa was born.  They were the apples of our eyes and still are.  In 1972 we opened Ronny’s Auto Parts and one year later opened Dripping Springs Auto Parts.  After 14 years he retired.  Many of his customers and employees became our life long friends.     

One of the  most important part of our lives began when our daughters got married - Tami to Richard Scott and Lissa to John Bentley.  He was very proud of their choices.  They gave us our wonderful grandsons Cody, Brandon and Cameron.  Besides the three women in his life, he adored our three grandsons, and the feeling was mutual.  He was their hero.


Tami and Lissa surprised us on our 40th anniversary with a fifties party, and even Elvis came.  It was fabulous!!


Ronny was a “people” person and decided he wanted to work part time by driving for Enterprise.  He absolutely loved this job and could hardly wait to go to work on Monday morning.  His most important job was to make coffee for all the employees.

One of his favorite things to do was join family and friends at different Austin venues to listen to live music.  He loved going to Hill’s on Friday night to listen to Sam Bentley, Evangelines on Monday night for Cajun music and anyplace where Kevin Fowler was playing; he felt very “special” when Kevin put us on  his guest list.  Another favorite hobby was to visit the Bowie farm where his grandson, Cody was in FFA and  raised a pig and a steer.  He was called the "Security Guard", at the farm.

He was also very close to his brothers, Monte and Gary and his sisters Nancy and Peggy and all of their children.

Ronny was diagnosed with cancer in March, 2008,  had surgery and went through 31 radiation treatments, along with chemo.  His treatment was very painful and took its toll on him.  We celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary in the hospital, and his nurses came in singing with a cake.  He put up a very brave fight, but developed pneumonia and died on July 25, 2008.

We miss him terribly, and many tears are still shed.  I am grateful for our love and all of the wonderful years and memories.  I try to focus on not what we have lost, but the many happy years we had with him.


My love, 

 Mary Lynn



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